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Welcome to the most read Serbian language blog on the web about teaching and learning Serbian. Covering various topics around Serbia, the Serbian language and culture, it’s written for everyone interested in the Serbian lifestyle or grammar and pronunciation.

Plunge into good reads about Serbian verbs and cases, idioms and vocabulary, but also about Serbian traditions, holidays and customs. For easy navigation, explore the categories and tags.

Magdalena Petrovic Jelic Serbian Teacher

Zdravo! Welcome to my Serbian language blog. I’m Magdalena, a Serbian language teacher and entrepreneur, language lover and a polyglot, but also a mother and a relentless storyteller. You can read more about me or connect with me on FB or IN.

My mission is to create the best method for learning Serbian, that’s why I invest all of my active time and energy in developing Serbonika. Would you like to learn Serbian with my lessons? Start free.

Category: Learning Serbian Advice

Serbian Language Blog

The best tips about how to learn Serbian as a foreign language, or how to teach Serbian to foreigners.

Category: Serbian Language

Serbian Language Blog

Selection of articles about the Serbian language, Serbian grammar, verbs, verbal aspect, Serbian cases, and pronunciation.

Category: Serbian Phrases

Serbian Language Blog

Read articles that will teach you vocabulary and phrases organized around specific topics and ideas.

Category: Serbian Vocabulary

Serbian Language Blog

Learn basic Serbian vocabulary and phrases recommended for beginner Serbian level.

Category: Life in Serbia

Serbian Language Blog

Articles about the Serbian lifestyle, holidays, traditions, customs.

Category: Serbian Language Podcast

Serbian Language Blog

Podcasts and interview in Serbian with subtitles and transcripts in Serbian and English you can use not only to practice your listening skills and enrich your vocabulary, but also to find inspiration from other foreigners who speak fluent Serbian.

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