what's the best way for you to Learn Serbian?

6 Options to Learn Serbian

Explore our offer and find your best setting to learn Serbian, individually or in a group, with or without a teacher. Choose your favorite option according to your personality, your learning style, and your budget.

Learn Serbian Independently


This is the best option for you if you’re an independent language learner and have someone to practice speaking and communicating in Serbian with. This is also the most affordable option.

In order to succeed, it’s important to be disciplined and stick to your studying plan. If you want to learn alone at a pace and schedule that needs not to fit with others, choose this plan.

Many people start learning solo to get acquainted with the language, and afterwards choose another option to practice their speaking skills in a professional setting. That is also ok.



Free introductory course, no credit card needed.

Premium courses starting from 29 eur per month.

“Serbonika is a perfect platform for solo learners. I chose this option because don’t like to adapt to a someone else’s pace. I also work in shifts, so I can’t easily stick to a schedule.

The platform is brilliantly organized, everything is in the right order and it’s perfect for studying Serbian on your own. I’m a big fan of Serbonika’s Serbian courses.

I find the teaching methods very productive, skillful and innovative.”

Peter, Canada

Learning Serbian solo at Serbonika

Learn Serbian in a Mini Group


Studying on your own can be difficult. Many things can get on your way, even if your motivation is strong. But do you feel good in a group striving towards a common goal? People who like to help and motivate each other thrive in such conditions.

Joining a small group lead by a teacher will motivate you and help you move forward and keep learning at a good pace.

Learning in small groups has proved to be maybe the best form of learning a foreign language, too.



up to 137 eur per month

Includes access to the learning platform or 10% Members Only discount

Free trial

” After only a few months learning with Serbonika, I can confidently have simple conversations with my Serbian family and friends.

Our teacher is managing to give us a good understanding of grammar, while encouraging us to speak and getting comfortable with the language.

With her help I am able to slowly incorporate Serbian into my everyday life. I have tried a few different courses but this is the first one that gets me excited for every single lesson! Highly recommended!”

Katharina, Austria

Learning Serbian in a Mini Group

Learn With a Private Teacher


If you prefer personal connection with the teacher, book our tailor-made Serbian lessons adapted to your level, background and experience.

Learning 1 on 1 with a teacher is a premium option. It means 100% of teacher’s attention for you and every moment of the lesson dedicated to you. It’s also the most intensive way of learning a language, because you’re in full focus.

If you would like to learn Serbian with individual lessons, get in touch with us and explain your desired schedule.


Includes full access to the learning platform or -10% Members Only discount

Free trial

“I definitely recommend this language school for learning Serbian to everyone! I started learning Serbian one year ago. If I see how I got better just in such a short period thanks to Serbonika, that is really amazing! I am very happy with my teacher, with the learning method and materials.”

Kassia, Holland

Learning Serbian at Serbonika

Learn Serbian in the Summer School


Our Serbian Language Summer School is a 2-week immersion Serbian offline course for adults in Sremska Mitrovica, Vojvodina.

It’s a combination of tourism and gastronomy with language lessons, history lectures, culture exploration, singing and dancing lessons, and  various workshops.

The program is ideal for B1, B2 and C1 students, or for people who are able to understand spoken Serbian to some degree and want to gain fluency rapidly in short time, while socializing, having fun and partying.

When we’re not in the classroom, we’re visiting museums, art galleries, archeological sites, parks and natural resorts, but also restaurants, cafes and wineries, and – most importantly – we speak Serbian all the time.

We are so thrilled and can’t wait to meet all the wonderful people that will spend their holiday with us this year!

Would you like to join us this august?

I attended Serbonika’s first Letnja škola in 2021 and had a wonderful time. The program was fun, interesting and educative. Magdalena is such a professional and experienced teacher, she was capable of giving everyone attention and conveying knowledge to us all. Magdalena and Bojan were the best hosts, letting us in to their family home, creating a really warm atmosphere from the first day we all met.

We had classes every morning, learning and laughing a lot, and we visited several interesting places in the beautiful region. In addition, the town of Sremska Mitrovica is just the right size for someone with a poor sense of direction to easily get around and occasionally bump into the same friendly people. Preporučujem svima!

Katinka, Norway

Learned Serbian in the Summer School

Serbian language speaking club


Our Serbian conversation club connects different people that speak to learn Serbian. They involve talking, playing games, learning new words and meeting people from all over the world.

These workshops are not recommended for total beginners. Once you’ve covered the A1 level, you can join us.

Some of the Serbian workshops we had were recorded and published, or streamed on our YouTube channel, so you can take a look and get an idea about what they look like.

“Thank you Magdalena, that helped a lot. My troubles in Serbian break down to building bigger vocabulary, speaking more, and learning to hear the language. This was good!”

Steve, US

Learned Serbian in our Serbian language workshop

Learn Serbian Free


If you’d like to explore and learn some Serbian on your own for free, that’s ok too. Try our free Serbian lessons, Serbian learning articles, and free Serbian courses, open for everybody.

Learn Serbian Free

Magdalena Petrovic Jelic

Do you have a question? Send us a message! My team and I will do our best to help.