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You Are Invited to Serbonika’s

Big Online Birthday Party

Rođendanska žurka

Serbian Language Workshops

Chatting and playing games to Learn Serbian

will you join us for a serbian cup of coffee?

Idemo na kafu?
  • Kada?  Subota 2. jul 2022.
  • Gde?  BEOGRAD – More details soon
  • Nivoi?  A1-C2 – all levels welcome
  • Cena?  FREE (except your bill at the cafe)

Serbonika’s teachers are inviting you “na srpsku kafu” in Belgrade. Let’s meet and talk in Serbian! By the Serbian “idemo na kafu” etiquette, you can drink whatever you want.

Please apply through the form so we can host you at the right table according to your level, and organize the right number of tables.

Vidimo se u Beogradu!


Magdalena Petrovic Jelic

Magdalena Petrović Jelić

Has helped hundreds of students master Serbian

» As a professional Serbian teacher, I’ve learned about 15 foreign languages to a different extent. I’m native Serbian (trained to speak Croatian, too), fluent in English, Greek, Italian and Spanish, and I’m learning German and Russian at the moment.

» While I don’t know everything about linguistics, I definitely know A LOT about learning languages and – especially, about learning Serbian as a foreign language. «

Join me LIVE in the Serbian language workshops and group lessons!

We’ll learn Serbian and play games,  or simply speak Serbian, talk about the Serbian language, life and culture in Serbia.

Make sure to have a headset and Skype installed on your device. Stable internet connection is necessary for online lessons and workshops.

Leave me your best email address for communication.

CEFR Levels

A1 – Beginner (understands very little or nothing of the language)

A2 – Elementary (understands basic Serbian phrases and grammar)

B1 – Intermediate (understands main points of conversation about most common situations)

B2 – Upper Intermediate – (can communicate about basic and abstract topics)

C1/C2 – Proficient Language User, communicates with native speakers with little obstacles

Terms & Conditions

If you are in Europe, that’s afternoon. If you are in the States, I’ll probably see you in the morning.

  • Workshop duration is as listed.

But not strictly. I reserve the right to enjoy the conversation and stay longer. You are free to leave any time.

  • Spots are limited.

Once the maximum places are taken, no more people can be added.

  • Minimum attendance is listed for each event.

If the minimum attendance criterion is not met, I may decide to postpone the workshop.

  • All written or recorded materials remain intellectual property of the Host.

During Serbonika’s live lessons and Serbian language workshops, various records may be created. All the materials written or recorded may be used by Host to help others learn Serbian online or offline. Participants are allowed, and encouraged to use the materials obtained for their personal needs. Changing the materials and commercial use are strictly prohibited.

  • Cancelation policy: 24 hours in advance.

If you are unable to attend, send us a note minimum 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, the spot is taken and you will be fully charged – no refunds. You can however pass your ticket to a friend.

  • No rude behavior will be tolerated.

If you behave in a way that is unpleasant or offensive to some of the other participants, the Host may exclude you from the event.

  • Slow connection excluded.

If the quality of your internet connection disrupts the quality of the Event significantly, the Host may exclude you from the event without notice. You may try to rejoin the Event from another device or with another connection.

By registering for a Serbian language workshop, live lesson or a group course, you confirm that you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions.


New series of Serbian Language Workshops

Prolećne pričaonice

Join us for a sequence of Serbian language workshops! We talk about timely topics and play games in Serbian. “Pričaonica” is a Serbian language workshop on Zoom.

Levels: A2-C2


May 2022

BEST Beginner Serbian Package

Online mini-Group Course

A1.1 – A1.2

Online: Skype

DURATION:  24 lessons per level

Learn Serbian in a small group in an professional-led setting.

The package includes:

  • 24 live sessions with a teacher, two lessons per week;
  • homework with personal feedback,
  • 3 months of full access to the platform,
  • email support between lessons,
  • meeting with study partners in your own arrangement.

LIMITED: no more than 5 STUDENTS

Please apply timely. We’re grouping students by matching their interests and abilities.

See dates, pricing and apply here. 



Mondays and Thursdays

Elementary Serbian Course

A2 Course


Join a speaking group of learners who have already completed the A1 level.


Online: Skype

Learn more and apply here


Mondays and Thursdays

Intermediate Serbian Course

B1 course

Join a speaking group of fellow learners who have completed the A2 level.


Online: Skype

Learn more and apply here


PAST WORKSHOPS: Decembar 2021


“Praznične pričaonice”

4 free serbian language workshops


Speak Serbian with teachers and fellow learners in an interactive and fun workshop setting.

TIME: Wednesdays, 3 pm CET

DURATION:  6 sessions, 45-min 

LIMITED: No more than 12 seats

Our 3 teachers will moderate 3 rooms with max 4 participants each.



  1.  –  Dec/8 Praznična kupovina: pričamo o poklonima i pravimo spisak za kupovinu
  2.  –  Dec/15 Najlepše želje: pišemo spisak želja, pravimo čestitke za prijatelje i rođake. Kako želja postaje cilj i kako da  je ostvarimo
  3.  –  Dec/22  Praznična trpeza: pričamo o hrani i delimo recepte za specijalitete
  4.  –  Dec/29  Doček Nove godine: pripreme i planovi za doček, različiti običaji u različitim zemljama



By clicking the link, you’ll enter the waiting room and will be admitted into classroom, if there are still places free. If you can’t enter, you can still watch the session on our YouTube channel.

Upon entering the classroom, turn on your camera and microphone. 


Some Past Workshops

Decembar 2021. 

4 HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS “Praznične pričaonice”

March 11, 2021  –  5 PM CET   

Speaking to Learn Serbian

Serbian language Workshop


Practice your speaking and listening skills together with fellow Serbian learners. Learn new words and practice using them in real-life conversation. Get instruction and immediate feedback from your teacher.

 Student Testimonials: 

“Puno hvala. Baš dobro je bilo :)” – Iveta

“Hvala puno za čas!” – Gabriela

“Hvala mnogo!” – Quaneesha

“Perfect!” – Jonathan

March 18 –  5 PM CET

Intermediate Serbian Speaking

serbian language Workshop


At this level, speaking and listening are even more fun. We’ll introduce ourselves and chat a little bit first. Then we’ll have a text to read and topic to discuss. You will learn many new words, get encouragement and instruction, and possibly meet a study partner.

Online: Skype


Minimum attendance: 2

29. mart 2021. –  15h 

Razgovori na srpskom

radionica za napredne nivoe


Dobro došli na radionicu za napredni nivo! Razgovaraćemo o raznim temama. Cilj je da obogatimo vaše mogućnosti izražavanja i da naučimo mnogo novih reči. Jedva čekam da počnemo!

Online: Skype




March 31 –  5 PM CET

Speaking to Learn Serbian

serbian language Workshop


Practice your speaking and listening skills together with fellow Serbian learners. Learn new words and practice using them in real-life conversation. Get instruction and immediate feedback from your teacher. Meet friends!

Thank you Magdalena, that helped a lot. My troubles in Serbian break down to building bigger vocabulary, speaking more, and learning to hear the language. This was good! – Steve

Magdalena Petrovic Jelic

Do you have a question? Send us a message! My team and I will do our best to help.

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