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Have you suffered the Serbian-learning frustration?

If you tried to learn Serbian, you probably faced one of the two obvious problems with many Serbian language courses, books and applications:

1) You discovered that most Serbian language courses and books are crammed with grammar, giving little context and space to practice. So you ended up with a headache.

2) Other programs and applications, on the other hand, give you vocabulary and phrases, but too little, if any, structure explanations and hardly any training. So you ended up in confusion.

Serbian Language Courses

Magdalena Petrović Jelić

Serbonika’s Founder and Course creator

How do I know?

As a professional Serbian teacher, I’ve learned about 15 foreign languages to a different extent. I’m native Serbian (trained to speak Croatian too), fluent in English, Greek, Italian and Spanish, and I’m learning German at the moment. I also co-created the Serbian course for one of the most famous language-learning applications. You might recognize my voice from there.

While I don’t know everything about linguistics, I definitely know A LOT about learning languages and – especially, about learning and teaching Serbian as a foreign language.


The Serbonika Method and Serbian Language Courses

Having worked closely with hundreds of students and learnt 15 languages myself, I have tried and tested countless methods. I observed what worked best and what gave my students a headache.

From the beginning, I’ve been creating materials that I’m now refining and including in Serbonika’s Serbian language courses.  Finally, I have developed my own Serbian teaching method, that has proved to be the most efficient. This method is aimed to:

1) make you speak Serbian in real life,

2) help you absorb the most relevant vocabulary,

3) and train you to form grammatical Serbian sentences with confidence.


Sign un for my FREE Introductory Serbian course to try out the platform and the method. Start learning Serbian the right way, with the best Serbian language courses at Serbonika!

🇷🇸 Zdravo! Hajde da učimo srpski!

🇬🇧 Hello! Let’s learn Serbian!

A1 General Serbian Language Courses


Courses for th A1 or Beginner level, including vocabulary, phrases, dialogues, cultural information, language structure, grammar lessons with exercises and quizzes.  

Introductory Serbian Course

A1.1 Introductory Serbian Course

Learn basic phrases and get ready for your first conversations in Serbian!

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Beginner Serbian Course

A1.2 Beginner Serbian Course

Build your vocabulary and train to connect words and change their endings the Serbian way!

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Serbian Verb Magic

A1.3 Serbian Verb Magic

Reveal the logic behind the Serbian verbs: learn their patterns and some weird exceptions!

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A1.4 Verb Formation and Verbal Aspect

A1.4 Introduction to Verb Formation and Verbal Aspect

This short course will introduce you step-by-step to the Serbian verbal aspect and verb formation, by explaining 5x2 Serbian motion verbs.

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Serbian Cyrillic Alphabet

Serbian Cyrillic A1 Ћирилица

With this step-by-step Cyrillic guide, you will easily master all the Serbian Cyrillic letters.

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Serbian Grammar

Serbian Grammar Hub A1

Your Serbian grammar knowledge base as you're going through the general A1 Serbian courses

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A1 Vocabulary and Phrasebook series


Easy learning with flaschcards, pictures, audios and exercises for learning vocabulary and phrases. For the best results, use them together with A1-A2 General Courses.

People Vocabulary in Serbian

1 Ljudi (People)

Learn Serbian words and typical sentences related to people: family, friends, occupations and body parts.

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životinje - anmals in serbian

2 Životinje (Animals)

Learn words for pets, farm and wild animals in Serbian, with typical phrases and common similes

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hrana - food in serbian

3 Hrana (Food)

Hungry or thirsty? Do NOT start this course! Make sure to grab a snack before enrolling. Prijatno!

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Serbian Vocabulary Time

5 Vreme (Time, Weather)

Learn how to describe time and weather, with typical phrases to say when something happens.

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serbian vocabulary places

6 Mesta (Places)

Ready for the city tour? Hop on a boat, go shopping, or hiking. Learn all the places inside this course!

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A2 General Serbian Language Courses


General courses for the A2 or Elementary level, including vocabulary, phrases, dialogues, cultural information, language structure and grammar lessons with exercises and quizzes.

We’re starting with The Complete Location Course. Other courses are coming soon, one by one, following the most efficient A2 Serbian Curriculum. 


The Complete Location - Serbian Language Course

A2.1 The Complete Location Course

Get ready for total mastery of the locative case: your first milestone in the Serbian case system!

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Magdalena Petrovic Jelic

Magdalena Petrović Jelić

Your instructor: A Serbian language teacher and a polyglot. A mother and a relentless storyteller. On a mission to create the best program for learning and teaching Serbian: Serbonika.