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Serbian Summer School in Belgrade with Serbonika

Serbonika’s Serbian Summer School in Belgrade is an immersion course combining language lessons with tourism and gastronomy, games and music, culture, art and history lessons.

It includes Serbian language lessons held Monday to Friday in the classroom, plus culture classes: city walks, workshops, music and dancing lessons, group visits to museums, galleries and other institutions, excursions, restaurants, barbecue, etc.

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Anytime from June 3rd
to September 27th


early from May 7
late by August 26

Serbian Summer School in Belgrade


The Serbonika’s Serbian Summer School in Belgrade consists of language lessons with afternoon and weekend activities. It’s aimed to make you speak Serbian and use the language in daily interactions with confidence.

The planned activities will put you in situations to interact with the Serbs in Serbian, and the Serbian language lessons will prepare you for these interactions.

The program includes group visits to museums, galleries, restaurants, parks, fieldtrips, cooking, grilling, or just hanging out.

The Serbonika’s Serbian Summer School in Belgrade is the best choice if you want personal, friendly approach. You will study Serbian in a small group so you can be actively involved all the time.

Serbian Summer School in Belgrade

Serbonika’s Serbian Language Summer School Program

The Serbonika’s Intensive Serbian Summer Course in Belgrade consist of two main parts:

1) Serbian language lessons in classroom
2) Language practice through various activities

You can join us for both or either of the two.

1) Serbian Language Lessons

Language lessons are held Monday to Friday. They include general Serbian language learning, grammar and vocabulary practice, didactic games, speaking practice, and debates – depending on the level.

The lessons are planned in coordination with the out-of-classroom activities. In the lessons we will talk about the real-life experiences you’re having and help you learn the most important vocabulary of the topic. In that way you will be prepared to follow the conversations or speech, and understand or interact better.

Standard Monday to Friday schedule of classroom lessons:

  • 10-11:30 language lessons
  • 15 minutes coffee break
  • 11:45-13:15 language lessons

Special courses at other times available at request.

Serbian Summer School in Belgrade
Serbian Summer School in Belgrade

2) Out-of-Classroom Activities

The afternoon and weekend extracurricular activities will give you plenty of opportunities to listen to different native speakers and use the language in real-life situations, with assistance when needed.

You’ll get the chance to recognize the structures and words you’ve learned in class as you hear them in real conversations, and to use them in a different context yourself.

These activities include walks, field trips, visits to restaurants, dancing and music lessons, museum visits and tour guides, socializing with our students and teachers.

And above all: speaking Serbian and listening to spoken Serbian in its natural context at all times.

Serbian Summer School in Belgrade

This unique Serbian Summer School immersion program includes:


    • A warm welcome before your lessons start
    • 3 hours (4 school classes) of classroom language lessons 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.
    • Afternoon and weekend activities (visits to archeological sites, museums, galleries, conversations, workshops, dancing and music lessons, movie nights).
    • Teaching materials and information booklets.
    • Refreshments in the classroom (water, coffee, tea).
    • Full access to the Serbonika learning platform for the duration of the course.
    • Serbian hospitality that continues informally in the extracurricular activities.
    • Parties with live music, guitars and drinks.
    • Certificate of completion.


Barbecuing is a very popular weekend activity in Serbia. You can try Serbian hamburgers (pljeskavice) or kebabs (ćevapi), grilled  with love at a barbecuing place in nature.


This equipment is used for brewing home-made fruit brandy. Hopefully, you might get a chance to see this machine in action, to taste it’s product and take a bottle with you.


Cauldron is another popular dish cooked outside. It can be similar to a stew or a goulash. It takes a few friends, simple ingredients and a couple of hours to make it.


Kolo is a traditional group dance, very popular in our daily life. Learn the basic steps with us and dance! When you visit a Serbian celebration, show your footwork. 

Here you can watch a video that will show you how our Serbian Summer School was in 2021. Or you can read all details and transcript of the video on our blog.

Pricing and Admission

Duration: June 3 – September 27
Start: now

The price includes full Serbian Summer School in Belgrade immersion program for 5 working days:

– 3 hours of lessons per day (20 school classes)

– and afternoon or evening activities.

The price depends on the group size, number of lessons and the duration of your course.

Contact us for details.


Not included in the course price:

  • accommodation,
  • daily meals,
  • visa,
  • personal expenses,
  • optional fieldtrips and excursions,
  • entrance tickets,
  • travelling to and from Belgrade.


Places are limited. Apply in time.

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Summer School 2024

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