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Learning numbers in Serbian is one of the first steps for a foreign visitor or a Serbian language learner. When moving around Belgrade, visiting shops or museums, paying a taxi or a bill at a restaurant, it’s good to know your numbers.

In this page you’ll learn all the Serbian numbers from 0 to 1000 in a about 10 minutes.

Sure, you’ll probably need to repeat that, maybe several times, to make sure you’ve learned them. 🙂

Learning numbers in Serbian – first steps


Statistically, the first thing people usually learn in a foreign language, is counting to 10. If you’re on this page, you’re probably already familiar with some, if not most, of the Serbian numbers.

If we know nothing of a language, we learn numbers 1 to 10 (and bad words, but that’s another topic). We teach our children to count to 10 in Italian, German or French, or all three.


Counting is very easy. It’s like learning a nursery rhyme of 10 words. Just keep repeating until you’ve learned it:

  1. jedan
  2. dva
  3. tri
  4. četiri
  5. pet
  6. šest
  7. sedam
  8. osam
  9. devet
  10. deset

And repeat, counting your fingers to feel the number. That’s the first step.

Use the audio recordings on this page. Click play by the numbers, listen to the sound and repeat aloud to get the pronunciation right.

Learn numbers in Serbian from 0 to 10

Read the word and click on the play icon to listen to the native speaker and practice pronunciation. Click next to do exercises.

Learn numbers in Serbian: 11 to 19

Learn numbers from 11 to 19 in Serbian. Note: when you learn the basic numbers 1 to 10, you just add -naest. In some teens, we also change a couple of letters. With a basic number + naest, you’re understood, but to learn them properly: read, listen and repeat aloud!

Learn numbers in Serbian: decades

Learn all decades, or desetice in Serbian: 10, 20, 30, … up to 100. When you learn the basic numbers 2 to 9, just add -deset. In some decades, we also change a couple of letters. With a “basic number + deset” formulation, you’re understood. But if you want to learn these numbers properly, here they are below.

Learn numbers in Serbian: hundreds

Learn all Serbian hundreds or stotine in Serbian, from 100 (sto) to 1000 (hiljadu).

Review all numbers in Serbian

Review and practice. For more exercises, use the chapter on numbers in our Free Introductory Serbian Course

0 nula


1 jedan


2 dva


3 tri


4 četiri


5 pet


6 šest


7 sedam


8 osam


9 devet

10 deset


11 jedanaest


12 dvanaest


13 trinaest


14 četrnaest


15 petnaest


16 šesnaest


17 sedamnaest


18 osamnaest


19 devetnaest

20 dvadeset


21 dvadeset jedan


22 dvadeset dva


30 trideset


40 četrdeset


50 pedeset


60 šezdeset


70 sedamdeset


80 osamdeset


90 devedeset

100 sto


200 dvesta


300 trista


400 četristo


500 petsto


600 šeststo


700 sedamsto


800 osamsto


900 devetsto


1000 hiljadu

Test your numbers!


This simple quiz will show you how many Serbian numbers you have actually learned.

Koliko je sati?

What’s the time?


Dvanaest i petnaest.

Pola dva.

Dvadeset do jedanaest.

QUIZ: What's the time in Serbian

1.55 Telling time in Serbian


Can you tell the time in Serbian? Let’s check that out!

Is learning Serbian numbers easy?

Learning the Serbian numbers is really quite easy. But learning to actually use the numbers takes more practice. That’s why we made lots of exercises in our free Introductory Serbian Course, to help you practice and remember them well, so you can finally understand what Serbian sales people say.

If you have difficulties, use little mnemonic tricks that you’ll also find in our free Introductory Serbian Course, accessible with free registration.




Najbolja metoda za učenje srpskog jezika
The best method to learn Serbian


The sooner you start learning, the sooner you’ll start talking. Take action now!

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