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Welcome to Serbonika’s Introductory Serbian Course!

Dobro došli! 

Are you ready to learn some phrases and start talking Serbian? Good. Let’s get started!

Learn your first Serbian words with our course for complete beginners. Includes reading, writing, conversation phrases and basic grammar, with notes on modern life in Serbia and a bit of history.

In this course, you will learn all essential words and phrases for your first conversations in Serbian.

You can use them to start communicating in Serbian immediately!

Upon completing the course, you’ll know:

  • to read and write Serbian,
  • basic vocabulary,
  • numbers to 100,
  • telling time,
  • most common conversational phrases,
  • elements of Serbian history and modern culture.


If you think you already know all this, go for the quizzes. That way you’ll check if there’s still something you can work on.

Idemo!  Let’s go!