A1 Serbian Vocabulary Courses

Serbonika’s Serbian Vocabulary Courses will help you retain basic Serbian vocabulary. They will introduce you step-by-step to the most important vocabulary and phrases you need to learn. We will focus on the specific words around various topics, and add the most typical sentences to learn these words in their natural context.

For the best results, follow the sequence of the courses and use them together with Serbonika’s A1 and A2 General Serbian Language Courses. Follow the links that interconnect them. They build one onto another into the logical network.

A1 Serbian Vocabulary Courses

Serbian vocabulary flashcards with audio files and exercises make learning fun and easy with the A1 Serbian Vocabulary Courses


People Vocabulary in Serbian

1 Ljudi (People)

Learn Serbian words and typical sentences related to people: family, friends, occupations and body parts.

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životinje - anmals in serbian

2 Životinje (Animals)

Learn words for pets, farm and wild animals in Serbian, with typical phrases and common similes

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hrana - food in serbian

3 Hrana (Food)

Hungry or thirsty? Do NOT start this course! Make sure to grab a snack before enrolling. Prijatno!

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Serbian Vocabulary Time

5 Vreme (Time, Weather)

Learn how to describe time and weather, with typical phrases to say when something happens.

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serbian vocabulary places

6 Mesta (Places)

Ready for the city tour? Hop on a boat, go shopping, or hiking. Learn all the places inside this course!

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Magdalena Petrovic Jelic

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A Serbian language teacher, an entrepreneur and a polyglot. A mother and a relentless storyteller.

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