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Serbonika’s A2 Serbian Vocabulary and Case Drills Series

Moj dom

Dobro došli!  Welcome!

In this course, you’ll learn all essential words to describe your home in Serbian: rooms, furniture, equipment and appliances. You will also learn how to use these words in context – not only in nominative, but also in their locative, accusative and genitive forms.

The course is designed with the aim of helping you get used to and absorb different endings for these four cases.

You can use the words and phrases in your daily communication immediately!


The Vocabulary and Phrasebook Series goes together with Serbonika’s general language courses, where you also learn the theory about the structure of the Serbian language – where you get the answers to your why’s.

Do not neglect the general courses if you are aiming to reach an advanced level! They will help you clarify all your doubts.


This crash course combines well with the Complete Location course.

If you think you already know this vocabulary, go for the exercises and quizzes. That way you’ll check if there’s still something you can work on.

A cultural tip

In Serbia we leave our shoes at the front door. When visiting your Serbian friends, make sure to take your shoes off, or ask if it’s ok to leave them on:

Mogu li da uđem u cipelama? May I come in with my shoes on?

Or informally: Mogu u cipelama?

And your host may say something like:

Izvolite, uđite! Ne morate da se izuvate!  Please, come in! You don’t have to take your shoes off!

Or informally: Uđi, ne moraš da se izuvaš!


You can also ask for a pair of slippers: Mogu li da dobijem papuče? Can I have slippers?

Or informally: Imaš neke papuče? Got some slippers?