Serbian Cyrillic Alphabet and Cyrillic Script

Српска азбука
и ћирилица


The official and constitutional script in Serbia is the Cyrillic script. Even though we also use the Latin script, and maybe even predominantly nowadays, the ćirilica is our tradition and our cultural treasure.

All the Cyrillic letters in their standard order form the official Serbian Cyrillic alphabet, which is called azbuka, or азбука.

Српска азбука и српска ћирилица

Serbian Alphabet and Serbian Cyrillic script

Everyone who loves the Serbian language should love our Cyrillic alphabet and script, and learn to read it. It’s not difficult. Especially if you already know Serbian Latin or Russian Cyrillic. But even if you don’t, it simply takes some time and practice.

Learning a new script is a matter of practice, but the right method in organizing the knowledge makes a big difference.

If you’re looking for a systematic approach that will make the first steps of learning Cyrillic very logical and easy, the best place to start is our A1 Serbian Cyrillic course. It’s simply organized, takes you step-by-step through the Cyrillic letters, and empowers you to continue learning the Serbian Cyrillic on your own.

Have you learned Serbian Cyrillic letters before?

If you did, you can test your Serbian Cyrillic knowledge in a quiz. This simple quiz will show you how many Cyrillic letters you have actually learned, and which ones you need to focus on.

Let’s practice reading Serbian Cyrillic alphabet right now!

On this page you’ll find the Serbian Cyrillic letters, arranged in their alphabet order, with examples and audios.

Click play to listen and read along to learn the Serbian Cyrillic Alphabet and Script.


Hopefully, you’ll have a great success with the Cyrillic script and the Serbian language. It’s an amazing feeling when you can read and understand a new language, and a new script.


You too can do it!

I know you can do it. After all, every child in Serbia learns both Latin and Cyrillic script in a couple of school years! So why wouldn’t you?

Идемо! Idemo! 

А – ананас

Ана једе ананас.

Ana eats a pineapple.

Б – беба

Беба лепо спава.

Baby sleeps nicely.

В – ватра

Ватра гори у пећи.

Fire burns in fireplace.

Г – гитара

Мој брат свира гитару.

My brother plays guitar.

Д – доктор

Доктор лечи пацијенте.

A doctor treats patients.

Ђ – ђубре

Канта за ђубре смрди.

Bin for trash stinks.

Е – евро

Евро је европска валута.

Euro is European currency.

Ж – жирафа

Жирафа има дуг врат.

Giraffe has a long neck.

З – зебра

Зебра има пруге.

Zebra has stripes.

И – идеја

Имам одличну идеју!

I've an excellent idea!

Ј – јаје

Јаје је здрава храна.

Egg is healthy food.

К – кикирики

Слон воли да једе кикирики.

Elephant likes to eat peanuts.

Л – лампа

Лампа је на столу.

Lamp is on table.

Љ – људи

Има много људи у граду.

There's a lot of people in town.

М – миш

Треба ми нов миш.

I need a new mouse.

Н – нога

Боли ме нога.

My leg hearts.

Њ – њива

На њиви расту житарице.

Cereals grow on the crop field.

О – око

Упало ми је нешто у око.

Something fell into my eye.

П – пас

Пас је човеков пријатељ.

Dog is man's friend.

Р – рука

Дај ми руку да се рукујемо.

Give me your hand to shake hands.

С – сунце

Сунце излази на истоку, а залази на западу.

Sun rises on the east and sets on the west.

Т – тигар

Тигар је велика мачка.

Tiger is a big cat.

Ћ – ћебе

Када је зима, треба ми ћебе.

When it's winter, I need a blanket.

У – уста

Уста су ми сува када дуго трчим.

My mouth is dry when I run for a long time.

Ф – фен

Користим фен да сушим косу.

I use hairdryer to dry my hair.

Х – хлеб

Он је добар као хлеб.

He's as good as bread.

Ц – цар

Живим као цар!

I live like an emperor!

Ч – чаша

Да ли је твоја чаша полу-пуна или полу-празна?

Is your glass half-full or half-empty?

Џ – џем

Моја мама прави џем од кајсија.

My mom makes apricot jam.

Ш – шал

Када је хладно, носим шал.

When it's cold, I wear a scarf.

Have you learned Serbian Cyrillic letters before?

If you did, you can test your Serbian Cyrillic knowledge in a quiz. This simple quiz will show you how many Cyrillic letters you have actually learned, and which ones you need to focus on and learn better.

All Scripts used in Serbia

If you’re wondering about the history of the scripts used in Serbia, or wonder whether we use more Serbian or Latin script in modern Serbia, read at this article.


Just starting to learn the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet?

So what’s the best approach for someone who’s only started with this script? Where to start?

Definitely try our A1 Serbian Cyrillic course, recommended by Serbonika’s students and teachers. After completing it, you will be able continue practicing the Serbian Cyrillic on your own. It’s gradually organized to help you remember all the Serbian Cyrillic letters in the most efficient way, and enables you to continue practicing further on your own.



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The sooner you start learning, the sooner you’ll start talking. Take action now!

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