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Who’s the girl with “blue” hair? Read on to find out more about that and learn all colors in Serbian. On this page you’ll find the words for all shades with typical comparisons, plus hair colors in Serbian. Listen to the native speaker audio recordings and practice pronunciation.

All colors in Serbian and typical comparisons

Comparing things by color belongs to typical expressions. For example, we can say “beo kao sir” (white as cheese). Beo means white – did you know that the name of the Serbian capital Belgrade, or Beograd in Serbian, actually means “The White City”?

beo kao sneg

white as snow

crn kao noć

black as night

siv kao beton

gray as concrete

crven kao krv

red as blood

plav kao nebo

blue as sky

žut kao sunce

yellow as sun

narandžast kao narandža

orange as an orange

ljubičast kao ljubičica

violet as a violet

zelen kao trava

green as grass






šaren kao papagaj

multicolored as parrot

Test your colors!

Basic Serbian Vocabulary - Colors

This simple quiz will show you how many Serbian colors you have actually learned.

Words to describe colors in Serbian

How we describe different shades of colors:

boja (color)

nijansa (shade)

svetla (light)

tamna (dark)

providna (transparent)

jarka (bright)

prljava (dirty)

čista (clean)

Različite boje kose
(Different hair colours)

Who is the “blue” girl? No, she’s not Martian. “Plava devojka” is actually a blond girl. We use the same word plava for blue and blonde.

Plava was originally the word for light colors, the color of the sky. The old word for blue was modra, but we rarely use it today.

Interestingly, the old French word that gave the English term blonde also meant light. Apparently, in the past, people had less interest in defining the nuances of colors.






light brown


gray hair






Attention! The same word is used for blue and blond.


dark blonde

How to use colors in Serbian sentences?

If you liked this lesson, move on inside Serbonika’s courses and learn proper Serbian with our Beginner Serbian course. In this chapter you’ll learn how to combine colors with nouns.



Najbolja metoda za učenje srpskog jezika
The best method to learn Serbian


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