A2 Serbian Vocabulary Courses

Serbonika’s Serbian Vocabulary Courses will help you retain basic Serbian words and phrases. They will introduce you step-by-step to the most important vocabulary organized in topics, and show you how to use them in different contexts. 

What’s special about our vocabulary courses? They are built to help you absorb the Serbian grammar step by step. With our vocabulary courses, not only will you learn the new words, you will also learn how to use the right endings in different contexts.

For the best results, follow the sequence of the courses and use them together with Serbonika’s General Serbian Language Courses. Follow the links that interconnect them, or follow their order and complete them one by one.

At Serbonika, all the elements build one onto another to create a logical network of knowledge.

A2 Serbian Vocabulary Courses

Easy learning with flashcards, pictures, audios and exercises for learning vocabulary with useful phrases. The courses are composed so that you absorb and integrate the specific Serbian grammar rules together with the relevant vocabulary.

For the best results, use them together with the General Language Courses.


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My home - Moj dom

A2V.1 Moj dom (My Home)

Home sweet home: rooms, furniture, appliances and useful phrases to know your way about houses in Serbian.

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Serbian Case Drills

A2V.2 Mesta i aktivnosti

Learn new vocabulary to describe daily activities and places we go, while practicing 4 cases: Nominative, Accusative, Locative and Genitive.

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