A2.2 Serbian Language Course

To complete the elementary level of Serbian, use Serbonika’s A2.2 Serbian Language Course. At this stage, our main goal is to gain confidence in using the Serbian cases one by one, expand vocabulary, and master the past and future tenses.

The courses will introduce you step-by-step to the most important vocabulary and grammar lessons you need to learn. For the best results, follow the sequence of the courses and units with exercises and quizzes. They build one onto another in the most logical way.

A2.2 Serbian Language Course

Course for the A2.2 or Elementary level, including vocabulary, phrases, dialogues, cultural information, language structure and grammar lessons with exercises and quizzes.

Follow this sequence of A2.2 course for the most efficient A2 Serbian language curriculum. 


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A2.3 Serbian Modals

3 Possibilities and Decisions: Serbian Modal Verbs

Learn to distinguish all the meanings of the Serbian modal verbs so you can understand all nuances and express exactly how you feel.

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The Serbian Future Tense and Dative Case Course

4 Plans and Presents: Serbian Future tense and Dative case

Easily absorb the Serbian future tense and Dative case by talking about weather and holidays, buying presents and sending postcards

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