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Planovi i pokloni


The Serbian Future Tense and Dative Case Course

Planovi za praznike sa poklonima – plans for holidays with presents are a lovely occasion to learn the future tense and the dative case. Here’s why.


The Future Tense

Truth is, in the Serbian language we often talk about our plans for the near future in the present tense. And you can use present in that context: Sutra idem na pijacu.

But we also use the future tense for that: Sutra ću ići na pijacu, so you’ll want to learn it. And that’s what you’ll learn in this course.

We’ll systematically expose the Future tense in different context: talking about weather, plans for the weekend, buying gifts and holidays.


The Dative Case

The other major topic of this course is the dative case. Did you  notice the featured image of this course? Take a look at it again and remember well: a child walking towards her mother and bringing a present to her.

The image was carefully chosen to represent the two most prominent functions of the dative case, so you can associate these two concepts with it:

  1. moving towards something, and
  2. giving something to someone.


But let’s start from the beginning and take small steps to learn and practice all that.


Idemo napred i naučićemo sve to!

Let’s go forward and we’ll learn all that!