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Mogućnosti i odluke

Possibilities and Decisions

the Ultimate A2 Serbian Modal Verbs Course

Mogu i treba, a da li hoću to da uradim? I can and I should, but do I want to do it? 

Modal verbs are a fun and powerful addition to our expressive repertoire. They’re called “modals” because they modify the meaning of every verb. For example:

  • Moram da čistim, ako želim da moj stan bude čist.I must clean up, if I wish my apartment to be clean.
  • Treba da čistim, ali želim da spavam. I should clean up, but I want to sleep.
  • Znam da čistim, ali neću da ti pomognem! I know how to clean, but I won’t help you!

With this course, you will learn to distinguish all the specific meanings of the modal verbs, so you understand what the people are really saying. You’ll learn how to use the modals precisely, so you can understand and express exactly how you feel.

As in all our courses, you will also read and listen to several stories, learn many new words and how to use them in different contexts.

Možeš ti to, samo napred! You can do it, just go for it!