A1.1 Serbian Language Course

Serbonika’s Beginner Serbian Course

The most complete Serbian language course for beginners.

At the beginner or breakthrough level of Serbian, start with Serbonika’s A1.1 Serbian Language Course series. They will introduce you step-by-step to the most important vocabulary and grammar lessons you need to learn. We will focus on the gender of the nouns and adjectives, the Accusative case, verbs in the present tense, and other knots and bolts of the Serbian language.

For the best results, follow the sequence of the courses and units with exercises and quizzes. They build one onto another in the most logical way.

A1.1 Serbian Language Courses

Course for the A1.1 or Beginner level, including vocabulary, phrases, dialogues, cultural information, language structure and grammar lessons with exercises and quizzes.

Introductory Serbian Course

A1.1- 1 Introductory Serbian

Learn basic phrases and get ready for your first conversations in Serbian!

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People Vocabulary in Serbian

A1.1- 1V. Ljudi (People)

Learn Serbian words and typical sentences related to people: family, friends, occupations and body parts.

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Beginner Serbian Course

A1.1- 2 Beginner Serbian

Build your vocabulary and train to connect words and change their endings the Serbian way!

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životinje - anmals in serbian

A1.1- 2V. Životinje (Animals)

Learn words for pets, farm and wild animals in Serbian, with typical phrases and common similes

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citanje i pisanje

A1.1- 3 Perfect Reading and Writing

Perfect your reading and pronunciation with this detailed course explaining all the Serbian sounds and letters

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hrana - food in serbian

A1.1- 3V. Hrana (Food)

Hungry or thirsty? Do NOT start this course! Make sure to grab a snack before enrolling. Prijatno!

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Serbian Cyrillic Alphabet

Serbian Cyrillic – Ћирилица A1.

With this step-by-step Cyrillic guide, you will easily master all the Serbian Cyrillic letters.

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Serbian Grammar

Serbian Grammar Hub A1-A2

Your Serbian grammar knowledge base and point of reference as you're going through the general A1 and A2 Serbian courses

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