1 Praznici / Holidays
2 Ka cilju! / To the goal!
3 Pokloni / Presents
4 Glagoli sa dativom / Verbs with Dative
5 Dativ ličnih zamenica / Dative of Personal Pronouns
6 Dativ ličnih zamenica duge forme / Dative of Personal Pronouns Long Forms

Unit 4 – Uprkos svemu! / In spite of everything!

🇷🇸 Uprkos svemu!

🇬🇧 In spite of everything!


Stigli ste dovde? Svaka vam čast! You got this far? Kudos to you!

In this unit, we’re introducing another case: dative!

But before you panic, I have great news: this new case, dative, is actually completely the same as the one you’ve learned a couple of courses before: locative. Their forms used to be different in the long distant past, but today these two cases are actually completely the same.

Why do we keep them separated? Probably for historic reasons and because the linguists don’t want to lose one case.

But, perhaps more importantly: why how we differentiate the two? Because they serve different functions.  It’s completely legitimate for you to refer to the two cases as: dative/locative when thinking about their endings, and learn their specific usages separately.