Otići / To leave

🇷🇸 Otići

🇬🇧 To leave 


 od + ići > otići 

    od - from in Serbian

     otići    go away, leave

    ja odem

    ti odeš

    on ode

    mi odemo

    vi odete

    oni odu


    Pažnja! ’odem’ kao ’idem’


     Good to know

    Otići means ’to leave’ but it often simply means ’to go’ – just like ići. Its meaning changes if it’s followed by iz or sa (from) with Genitive or u or na (to) with Accusative.


    When otići is followed by iz and Genitive, it means to leave, to go away from. We can’t follow it by a direct object, like in English; we have to use ’iz’ or ’sa’ (from):

    • On planira da ode sa posla ranije. He’s planning to leave work earlier.
    • Mnogi Srbi žele da odu iz Srbije. Many Serbs wish to leave Serbia.


    When it’s followed by u with Accusative, it means ’to go to’.

    • On planira da ode na posao ranije. He’s planning to go to work earlier.
    • Mnogi Amerikanci žele da odu u Srbiju. Many Americans wish to go to Serbia.