1 Šta je bilo? What happened?

3 – Pridevi na –O / Adjectives ending in -O

🇷🇸 Pridevi na -O

🇬🇧 Adjectives ending in -O

The participle looks exactly like the adjectives ending in –o, that you’ve learned in this lesson.

In the masculine gender singular they end in –O. In all the other forms, this –O is transformed to an –L followed by the usual endings.


Here are two tables to compare the past tense participle and the adjectives ending in –o.


And here’s a tongue-twisting exercise:

  • On je bio beo. He was white.
  • Ona je bila bela. She was white.
  • Ono je bilo belo. It was white.
  • Oni su bili beli. They were white.
  • One su bile bele. They were white.
  • Ona su bila bela. They were white.


Other adjectives following this pattern:


zao, zla, zlo                  evil

mio, mila, milo           dear

ceo, cela, celo             whole

kiseo, kisela, kiselo    sour

veseo, vesela, veselo       jolly

debeo, debela, debelo    fat

topao, topla, toplo          warm

vreo, vrela, vrelo              hot