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2 – Smem da se smejem / I dare to laugh

🇷🇸 Smem da se smejem

🇬🇧 I dare to laugh

Smeti (to dare or to be allowed) is very similar to the verb smejati se, which means to laugh. How to know the difference?

Smejati se belongs to the E group, it is a regular reflexive verb, so it always has this reflexive pronoun se. This verb has the root smeje- and it’s conjugated according to the E conjugation. So the ending in the third person plural is simply -u, and -ej- belongs to the root of the verb.

On the other hand, in the verb smeti, -ej- appears only in the third person plural.







Let’s conjugate these two verbs together:  

smeti + smejati se

Ja smem da se smejem. (I dare to laugh.)

Ti smeš da se smeješ.

On sme da se smeje.

Mi smemo da se smejemo.

Vi smete da se smejete.

Oni smeju da se smeju.