1 Šta je bilo? What happened?

2 – Perfekat glagola na –ti / Past tense of the verbs in –ti

🇷🇸 Perfekat glagola na -ti

🇬🇧 Past tense of the verb in -ti

perfekat  = glagol biti + particip

The past tense has two parts. It is formed from

  • the verb to be in the present tense, that’s the helping verb (sam, si, je, smo, ste, su)
  • and the participle of the main verb (ex. gledala)


  • Ja sam gledala taj film. I have watched that movie.


To make a statement negative, we negate the helping verb:

  • Ja nisam gledala taj film. I haven’t watched that movie.


Particip glagola na –ti

The participle of the verbs ending in –ti is formed just like with the verb biti: by removing the –ti and adding the endings according to the gender of the subject:

    jednina množina
infinitiv osnova m.r. ž.r. s.r. m.r. ž.r. s.r.
biti bi- bio bila bilo bili bile bila
raditi radi- radio radila radilo radili radile radila
videti vide- video videla videlo videli videle videla
kazati kaza- kazao kazala kazalo kazali kazale kazala