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1 – Šta voliš da radiš? / What do you like doing?

🇷🇸 Šta voliš da radiš

🇬🇧 What do you like doing?

To talk about what we like, we can use two verbs: voleti (to like or to love) and obožavati (to adore or to love). Both verbs can be completed with an object, which is a noun in accusative, or with the construction da + present tense of a verb.

If we use the verb voleti with things, it means to like (Ana voli knjige). If we use it with people, it means to love somebody (Ana voli Miloša).




object (noun in accusative)


da + present tense verb


voleti (to like, to love) Ana voli knjige. (likes)
Ana voli Miloša. (love)
Ana voli da čita.
Ja volim da čitam.
obožavati (to adore, love) Ana obožava knjige. Ana obožava da čita.
Vi obožavate da čitate.


The construction da + present tense implies double conjugation, so both verbs are conjugated to agree with the subject:

  • Ana voli da čita (third-person singular), ja volim da čitam (first person singular)
  • Ana obožava da čita (3rd person sg), vi obožavate da čitate (2nd person plural)

Voleti and obožavati are verbs from two different groups: voleti belongs to I group, obožavati belongs to the A group, and they are conjugated accordingly. They are regular verbs.