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Dobar dan. Kako si?
Dobro sam, hvala! A ti?
Hello. How are you?
I’m fine, thanks! And you?

Hvala ti mnogo!
Nema na čemu!

Thank you very much!
You’re welcome!

Šta ima novo?
Evo ništa. A kod tebe?
Ništa posebno.

What’s new?
Well, nothing. And you?
Nothing special.

Izvoli, uđi.
Hvala na pozivu.

Please, come in.
Thank you for the invitation.

Izvoli, posluži se.
Hvala, ne mogu.

Here, help yourself.
Thanks, I’m fine. (I can’t.)
Izvini, molim te!
Ništa, nema problema.
Excuse me, please!
It’s nothing, no problem.
Kako? Molim?
Ne razumem.
What? Pardon?
I don’t understand.
Volim te!
– I ja tebe.
I love you!
– And I love you.
Živeli! Još jedna runda!
Cheers! Another round!
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