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Learn Serbian Phrases: First Sentences

  • Dobar dan. Kako si? 
  • Dobro sam, hvala! A ti?
  • Hello. How are you?
  • I’m fine, thanks! And you?
  • Hvala ti mnogo!
  • Nema na čemu!
  • Thanks a lot!
  • You’re welcome!
  • Izvoli, posluži se.
  • Hvala, ne mogu.
  • Here, help yourself.
  • Thanks, I’m fine. (I can’t.)
  • Izvini, molim te!
  • Ništa, nema problema.
  • Excuse me, please!
  • Nothing, no problem.
  • Kako? Molim?
  • Ne razumem.
  • What? Pardon?
  • I don’t understand.
  • Volim te!
  • I ja tebe.
  • I love you!
  • And I love you.
  • Živeli!
  • Može još jedno?
  • Cheers!
  • How about another one?

Language is the most effective system of communication. To communicate effectively, learning words and expressions is crucial. That’s why we start by helping you learn Serbian phrases, basic words and expressions first, and then gradually introduce grammar, step by step.

Learn Serbian Phrases: Basic Sentences

piju pivo - drink beer in serbian



To je to!

That’s it!

Ko je to?

Who is that?

To je moj brat.

This is my brother

To je moja sestra.

This is my sister

To su naša deca.

These are our children

Mi smo prijatelji.

We’re friends. 

Vi ste muž i žena.

You are a husband and a wife.

Oni su braća.

They are brothers.

One su sestre.

They are sisters.

Ona je spremna.

She’s ready.

On je spreman.

He’s ready.

Ja sam srećna.

I’m happy.

Ti si dobro.

You’re fine.

If we only learn some words and basic Serbian phrases, it will be difficult to reach a higher understanding of the language. That’s why we need to learn the principles behind. Grammar explains these principles and rules how this communicative system operates. We explain grammar crystal clear and we help you form grammatical sentences with confidence.

How do I know?

As a professional Serbian teacher, I’ve learned about 15 foreign languages to a different extent. I’m native Serbian (trained to speak Croatian too), fluent in English, Greek, Italian and Spanish, and I’m learning German and Russian at the moment.

I also co-created the Serbian course for one of the most famous language-learning applications. You might recognize my voice from there.

While I don’t know everything about linguistics, I definitely know A LOT about learning languages and – especially, about learning and teaching Serbian as a foreign language, and creating Serbian language courses.

Learn Serbian Phrases: Basic Expressions 









Hvala puno!

Thanks a lot!

Nema na čemu!

You’re welcome!

Nema problema!

No problem!


Come in / Help yourself!


I’m sorry.



Molim te!


Molim vas!

Please! (formal or plural)

Ne razumem.

I don’t understand.


Come on!

Na zdravlje!

Bless you!



Srećan rođendan!

Happy birthday!

Srećna Nova godina!

Happy New Year!

The main purpose of the language is communication. For us at Serbonika, communicating with our students in Serbian is the most important thing. We will train your ears to hear and your mind to understand Serbian, starting your first lesson. Learn Serbian with us and learn Serbian phrases through our communicative method – learn more.

Learn Serbian Phrases: Greetings

Dobro jutro!

Good morning!

Dobar dan!

Hello! (Good day)

Dobro veče!

Good evening!

Zdravo! Ćao!

Hi! / Bye!

Kako si?

How are you?

Dobro sam.

I’m fine.

Nisam dobro.

I’m not good.

Nije loše.

Not bad.




Goodbye! / Bon appetite!

Vidimo se!

See you!

Vidimo se kasnije!

See you later!

Čujemo se!

Talk to you later! (Hear you)

Čujemo se sutra!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Laku noć!

Good night!

Srećan put!

Have a good trip!

Learn Serbian Phrases: Asking for Directions and Information

Learn basic Serbian phrases with this interactive exercise:

Learn Serbian Phrases: Usual Sentences

Ja imam malo vremena.

I have little time.

Ti imaš mnogo vremena.

You have a lot of time.

Imam jako puno posla.

I’ve got a lot of work. (I’m very busy)

Da li mogu da fotografišem?

Can I make a photo?


Of course.

Da li je to u redu?

Is that all right?

U redu je.

It’s all right.


It’s a deal!



Baš dobro.

Very good.





Koji je tvoj omiljeni sladoled?

What’s your favorite ice cream?

Sladoled od čokolade.

Chocolate ice cream.

Želim još.

I want more.

Ne želim više.

I don’t want any more.

Sada moram da radim.

Now I have to work.

Danas mnogo radim.

Today I’ve been working a lot.

Juče sam mnogo radio.

Yesterday I worked a lot.

Juče sam mnogo radila.

Yesterday I worked a lot. (f.)

Sutra ću mnogo raditi.

Tomorrow I’ll work a lot.

Learn Serbian Phrases: Understanding


I understand.

Ne razumem.

I don’t understand.



Izvinite, nisam čuo.

Sorry, I didn’t hear. (m.)

Izvinite, nisam čula.

Sorry, I didn’t hear. (f)

Da li možete da ponovite, molim vas?

Can you repeat, please?

Da li je to tačno?

Is that correct?

Da li je to istina?

Is that true?

Na srpskom se to kaže “hvala”

In Serbian we say that “hvala”

Šta znači “molim te”?

What does “molim te” mean?

To znači “please”.

It means “please”.

Da, to je istina.

Yes, it’s true.

Ne, to nije istina!

No, it’s not true!

Da li govorite engleski?

Do you speak English?

Da li govorite srpski?

Do you speak Serbian?

Malo govorim srpski jezik.

I speak Serbian a little.

Malo razumem srpski.

I understand Serbian a little.

Kako se na srpskom kaže “Thank you”.

How do you say “Thank you” in Serbian.

Možda, nisam siguran.

Maybe, I’m not sure. (m)

Možda, nisam sigurna.

Maybe, I’m not sure. (f.)

Slažem se.

I agree.

Baš zanimljivo!

Very interesting!

Learn Serbian Phrases: Basic Conversation

Learn basic Serbian phrases with this interactive exercise:

Learn Serbian Phrases: Shopping

Prodavnica je otvorena.

The shop is open.

Prodavnica je zatvorena.

The shop is closed.





Koliko košta?

How much does it cost?

Da li možemo da platimo?

Can we pay?

Molim vas, račun.

Bill, please.

Mogu li dobiti popust?

Can I get a discount?

To nije moguće!

That isn’t possible!

Keš ili kartica?

Cash or card?

Zadržite kusur.

Keep the change.

To je baš skupo!

That is really expensive!

To je baš jeftino!

That is really cheap!

Vidi ovo!

See this!

Dođi ovde!

Come here!

Idemo tamo!

Let’s go over there!

Da li želite još nešto?

Would you like anything else?

Ništa više.

Nothing else.

Learn Serbian Phrases: Restaurant

Da li ovde u blizini ima neki dobar restoran?

Is there a good restaurant nearby?

Gde je ovde toalet?

Where’s the toilet here?

Mogu li da koristim vaš internet?

Can I use your internet?

Da li možete da mi kažete šifru za internet?

Can you tell me the password for the internet?

Mogu li dobiti jelovnik?

Can I get the menu?

Mogu li dobiti čašu vode?

Can I get the glass of water?

Mogu li dobiti još jednu kafu?

Can I get another coffee?

Šta preporučujete?

What do you recommend?

Za koliko će biti spremno?

How long until it’s ready?

Izvinite, da li je ovaj sto slobodan?

Excuse me, is this table available?

Žao mi je, ovo mesto je zauzeto.

I’m sorry, this seat is taken.

Šta je to?

What is that?

Sviđa mi se!

I like it!

Baš je ukusno!

It’s very tasty!

Baš je lepo!

It’s very nice!

Baš je dobro!

It’s very good!

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