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“I live in Canada and have had a great experience in my learning of the Serbian language since I got to know SERBONIKA Serbian Language School and its platform.

The content is straightforward and clear, the sequence of classes is logic and made in a way that optimizes the learning process, and the platform is really good and easy to use.

I intend to keep learning with SERBONIKA and would recommend this language school for anyone keen on learning Serbian and on getting to know the Serbian culture.”

Sílvia Neves Mayer Zlojutro

The best online course for Serbian language, nothing compares. I go at my own pace and the activities are helpful and well designed. There is plenty of audio to listen to the language.
Magdalena is a very knowledgeable teacher, she is very responsive and there is always help available if I need to talk with someone. Totally recommend this family business.”
Laura Conett-Frost

“Several years ago I tried to learn Serbian and was completely stopped by the grammar. None of the CD based or book based courses were helpful. Even an English speaking Serbian niece could not explain it well enough for me to understand.

Recently I tried again studying with SERBONIKA’s approach. Everything is becoming very clear now and I am progressing well. With SERBONIKA the details are explained very well and reinforced with topic and review quizzes throughout the course.

I am almost done with the A1 level series and no longer discouraged. I highly recommend this course.”

Bill Holbrook

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