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Break through the initial phase and set the basis with a few fellow learners and a professional teacher.

Get a package of 32 lessons and 4-month full membership to the Serbonika platform.

The fee includes all taxes and 10% Paypal transfer and conversion fees.

For payments through a bank in Serbia or Western Union, please contact us. If you prefer monthly installments, please contact us.

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A1 Beginner Serbian Course including Skype lessons twice per week.
The price includes all taxes and bank fees for 32 lessons and 4-month membership. The course lasts 4 months.

By registering here you’re becoming a part of a group dedicated to learn Serbian. By doing so, you also agree that some of the sessions might be recorded. Such recordings will only be used to help students unavailable to join a particular lesson keep up with the group, and for no other purposes. Sharing and publishing such videos without written consent of all the participants and Serbonika’s Director is strictly prohibited.

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