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Perfect Reading and Writing

When learning Serbian pronunciation, you learn how to read and write at the same time. You simply learn letters and sounds represented by these letters: 30 letters for 30 sounds.

In the Perfect Reading and Writing, you’ll learn everything about all the Serbiand sounds and letters in the Latin script.

But don’t try to learn perfect pronunciation before moving on to other lessons, or before trying to speak! 

That’s why we made this a separate course. You can come back to it whenever you want.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll keep practicing reading and writing in all the other courses and elsewhere: by reading, listening and repeating.

Listen to me or other native speakers pronounce and imitate our articulation and intonation; that’s exactly how you learned your mother tongue as a child!

Usavršiti means to make perfect.

Savršen means perfect, as an adjective.

Niko nije savršen. Nobody’s perfect.

Hajde da usavršimo izgovor! Let’s perfect your pronunciation!

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