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Welcome to Serbonika’s Serbian Vocabulary and Phrasebook Series!

Vreme / Time & Weather

Dobro došli!  Welcome!


In this course you’ll learn all essential words for time and weather. In Serbian we use the same word for both: vreme. You will also learn some typical phrases and example sentences with these words.


You can use them to start communicating in Serbian immediately!


The Vocabulary and Phrasebook Series goes well together with Serbonika’s General courses, where you also learn about the structure of the Serbian language.

Do not neglect the general courses if you are aiming to reach an advanced level!


If you want to learn how to say hours and tell time, go back to this unit.


If you think you already know this vocabulary, go for the exercises and quizzes. That way you’ll check if there’s still something you can work on.


Požuri!  Hurry up!


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