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Do you know Serbia? What do you know about Belgrade, the capital? Can you tell that in Serbian?
Watch this video to learn about Belgrade in Serbian and to practice your listening skills.

Planning your trip to Serbia? Can you talk about Belgrade in Serbian? Learn a few sentences. Your hosts will love that!


Belgrade is the capital and the biggest city of Serbia. It has been named the “city that never sleeps”. Many young people love it for it’s night life. It is believed that whoever experiences Belgrade falls in love with it and returns to it often.

The most important site to visit in Belgrade is its famous fortress named Kalemegdan (Beogradska tvrđava Kalemegdan). It is located on the confluence of two rivers: Danube (Dunav) and Sava. The view of the rivers is magnificent.

Once you’re downtown, you shouldn’t miss Skadarlija – the famous bohemian quarter with restaurants and taverns, or as we call them kafana. There you can eat the local food, usually based on meet, and listen to traditional live music.


A video to teach you about Belgrade in Serbian

Here I want to share a video to help you learn different facts about Belgrade in the Serbian language. You can also use it to practice your listening skills.

When watching the video for the first time, focus on understanding the meaning and remembering the story line. After that, you can repeatedly watch and listen to the final part of the video, the text only in Serbian. That will help you really remember and internalize what you have heard in the video. 


the text

Beograd, glavni grad


Belgrade, the capital

Reč Beograd znači beo grad. Beograd je glavni grad Srbije. Nalazi se na dve reke. To su Sava i Dunav. The word Beograd means white city. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. It is located on two rivers. That are Sava and Danube.
Reka Sava polazi iz Slovenije, teče između Hrvatske i Bosne, pa dolazi u Srbiju, u Beograd, i uliva se u Dunav. The river Sava starts from Slovenia, flows between Croatia and Bosnia, and then comes to Serbia, to Belgrade, and flows into Danube.
Dunav polazi iz Nemačke i teče kroz Austriju, Mađarsku, Hrvatsku, Srbiju, Bugarsku i Rumuniju, pa se uliva u Crno more. Danube starts from Germany and flows through Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, and then flows into the Black sea.
Beograd ima grb, ima tvrđavu Kalemegdan i spomenik koji se zove „Pobednik“. To su simboli Beograda. Belgrade has a coat of arms, it has the fortress Kalemegdan and a monument that is called „The Winner“. That are the symbols of Belgrade.

grb Beograda

Belgrade coat of arms


the Victor (winner)

The Story-Telling Technique 

Listening to stories that you’re familiar with can work wonders for your Serbian language learning. This is a powerful technique that will help you remember the vocabulary and absorb pronunciation.

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