A2.1 Serbian Language Course

Serbonika’s Waystage Level Serbian Course

– Prekretni nivo –

The most effective Serbian language course for waystage students.

To complete the Waystage level of Serbian (Prekretni nivo), use Serbonika’s A2.1 Serbian Language Course.

At this stage, our main goal is to gain confidence in using the Serbian cases Accusative, Genitive and Locative one by one, expand vocabulary, and master the past and future tenses.

The course will introduce you step-by-step to the most important vocabulary and grammar lessons you need to learn. For the best results, follow the sequence of the modules and units with exercises and quizzes. They build one onto another in the most logical way.

A2.1 Serbian Language Course

Course for the A2.1 or Waystage level (Prekretni nivo), including vocabulary, phrases, dialogues, cultural information, language structure and grammar lessons with exercises and quizzes.

Follow this sequence of A2.1 course for the most efficient A2 Serbian language curriculum. 


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The Complete Location - Serbian Language Course

A2.1 m1 The Complete Location Course

Get ready for total mastery of the locative case: your first major milestone in the Serbian case system!

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Serbian Case Drills

A2.1 m2 Mesta i aktivnosti (Places and Activities)

Learn new vocabulary to describe daily activities and places we go, while practicing 4 cases: Nominative, Accusative, Locative and Genitive.

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A2.1 m3 What happened? Serbian Past Tense

What happened? Where have you been? What did you do? Let's explain all that in Serbian, using past tense with a ton of verbs.

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Final Exam A2.1 – Završni ispit A2.1

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Serbian Grammar

Serbian Grammar Hub A1-A2

Your Serbian grammar knowledge base and point of reference as you're going through the general A1 and A2 Serbian courses

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