The best method to learn the Serbian language from scratch

Does learning Serbian sometimes seem so difficult that your head hurts?

That’s probably because the program you tried pushes in too much grammar and not enough practice and real-life usage of this grammar.

Or maybe you know many words, but you feel you’re not understanding the Serbian language?

That’s probably because you’ve learned many words, but you don’t understand the structure – or grammar.

But you know what? Learning Serbian is actually easy!

What you need is an ideal combination of grammar lessons and vocabulary, with abundant exercises, texts and dialogues, and all that in the perfect sequence.

That’s exactly what you get at Serbonika.

Serbonika’s Founder and Course Creator

Magdalena Petrović Jelić

Magdalena Petrović Jelić

Has helped hundreds of students master Serbian or Croatian


Being a professional Serbian language teacher, I’ve also learned about 15 foreign languages to different extents. I’m native Serbian (trained to speak Croatian, too), fluent in English, Greek, Italian and Spanish, and I’m currently struggling with German at an inspiring B1 level.

While I don’t know everything about linguistics, I definitely know A LOT about learning languages and – especially, about learning Serbian as a foreign language.

My mission is to break down the Serbian language structure for you in order to help you learn my language smoothly and effectively.

Learning a new language is like lightning countless lamps in the dark. Every information will cast some more light to help you understand more and more. The more candles you light, the brighter the image becomes.

Serbonika’s  Serbian language courses provide all you need to learn in order to sharpen your picture and make it crystal clear.

Learn Serbian Online at Serbonika

The sooner you start learning, the sooner you’ll start laughing with your friends or amazing your colleagues, or in-laws!

Whatever reason for learning Serbian you might have, at Serbonika you’ll learn real-life Serbian in a fun and engaging way. At Serbonika you get:


  1. A top-notch Serbian language platform available 24/7.
  2. Plenty of real-life conversations and native-speaker recordings to immerse yourself into Serbian.
  3. Lots of videos and interactive content so learning is never boring.
  4. You always know exactly what to do next.
  5. Pick up exactly where you left off.
  6. Practice reading, listening, writing and speaking: all aspects of language learning.
  7. Get real-time support to help you learn Serbian.
  8. A vivid community looking forward to meeting you! (join our FB group)

Video Lessons

with high-quality lectures make Serbian easy to understand and remember

Audio Recordings

of native speaker speech so you can perfect your pronunciation


Exercises and Quizzes

to reinforce what you learned and motivate you to learn more


Live Online Support

helping you with the course and sending feedback when needed 

How to learn Serbian at Serbonika?

At Serbonika you’ll find a rich and growing selection of digital materials organized in units with lessons, dialogues, interactive exercises, quizzes and vocabulary flashcards.

Beginner Courses

Even if you’re a complete beginner, you will easily learn Serbian: Serbonika will take you from zero to fluency.

Lessons Plans

Units are carefully organized to follow one after the other. You can safely follow the plan and track progress.

Free Style

You can choose what to do first, you can jump ahead or repeat the activities you’d completed.

Progress Tracking

Serbonika follows your steps so you can easily pick up where you left off at the activities you’ve marked complete.

Personal Feedback

Ask questions in the Facebook group and get personal feedback directly from fellow students and teachers.

More Help

You need more explanations or you’d like more exercises? Just ask: we’re building Serbonika for you!

Not an A level student?

If you’re an intermediate or advanced student,you can join our Serbian Language speaking groups! Our self-study courses only cover the beginner’s A1-A2 level, for now.

Why Serbonika?

Carefully planned and structured, but easily adaptable to your individual needs, Serbonika provides you with:

Clear structure

Serbonika is built according to the specific structure of the Serbian language, and takes into account your need for communication, understanding and practice.

The platform combines different methods into short courses. The courses and the lessons build one onto another. For the best results, simply follow the sequence of the explanations and exercises.

Made by Expert

Designed by, and under supervision of, a highly experienced Serbian language teacher and a polyglot with 20 years of teaching and learning languages.

Created after analyzing and testing dozens of language-teaching methods, the method has been tested, used and approved by teachers, polyglots, translators and other people. It has successfully taught hundreds of students.

Real life Serbian

Study materials are full of real-life samples so you can speak with confidence in the real world. You will study the language and culture side by side, so you’re ready for travel, family, friends, or work.

Completing unit after unit and course by course, you will understand and learn more. When you start speaking real life Serbian, you will feel as an accomplished and successful learner.

All you need to learn Serbian online!

Serbonika covers all aspects of foreign language learning: pronunciation, vocabulary, speaking, grammar, exercises, quizzes, cultural notes and elements of history.

What Serbonika provides

Free-style rhythm

As you learn Serbian online, the platform allows you to study at a speed you’re comfortable with. You can follow the plan, or jump ahead, or redo tasks if you please.

Linking concepts

You will learn not only the vocabulary, but also concepts of connecting  words to convey meaning, and integrate them in your spoken Serbian. That is, grammar.

Natural dialogues

Includes examples of natural dialogues, recorded at both natural and slow speed, with exercises that will train you for your future conversations in Serbian.

Constant support

At Serbonika, no question is left unanswered. Everything is explained and you’re never left in doubt. It is our mission to help you learn Serbian online.

Even more, Serbonika will grow with you!

As our premium member, you can even ask the materials and exercises to brush up a topic you need. You can help us shape Serbonika according to your needs – and to the benefit of all Serbian learners.

Start Learning Today

The sooner you start learning Serbian, the sooner you’ll be able to understand your friends and talk to them in Serbian.

A Serbian Language School and a Teacher You Can Trust

“At Serbonika, you’re never left alone. I am here to offer help and support whenever you need. I appreciate your questions, because they help me improve and grow Serbonika. Because I want you to love, learn, and love learning Serbian.”  Magdalena Petrović Jelić

What Students Say

I’ve tried many platforms for different languages, and this one is brilliant. It’s very easy to use, informative and fun. It keeps me interested and motivated to learn more. I love how quizzes and exercises make me think and use what I’ve learned.

Melanie Muller

University student, Switzerland

This is a superbly designed and user-friendly online platform replete with lessons and videos. There are exquisite grammar explanations and materials for a learning experience of the highest quality.

Yvonne Koechig

English and German Teacher, Luxemburg

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