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3 Numbers
4 Conversations

2 CONVERSATION: “Family Photos”

🇷🇸 Razgovor: Porodične fotografije

🇬🇧 Conversation: Family photos

Read the dialogue of two people (Magdalena & Bojan) watching family photographs. First, you will listen to the slow version of the conversation. Try to pick up the words you’ve learned in this unit. Use the translation to help you understand sentences, when necessary.

Afterwards, listen to the entire dialogue we had at our natural speed (below). As you listen, simply try to understand as much as you can. Repeat as many times as you want.

Listen to the slow-speed dialogue, if needed.

Jesi ovo ti?
Da, to sam ja.
(Smeh) A vidi ovo! Čekaj, ne mogu da te nađem.
Tu sam negde.
Da, to sam ja.
(Smeh) Dobro.

E, a vidi ovu sliku. To si ti, isto?
To sam ja.
A ko je to?
To je moja majka.
Kako se zove?
A ko je to?
To je moj otac.
Kako se zove?
A on se zove Sreten.
Sreten i Zorica.

A ko je ovo?
A, to je moja supruga, Magdalena.
Tvoja žena?
Moja žena.
Dobro, a ko je to?
To je moj sin, Viktor.
Tvoj sin Viktor.

Is this you?
Yes, that’s me.
(Laughter) And look at this! Wait, I can’t find you.
I’m here somewhere.
Yes, that’s me.
(Laughter) All right.

Hey, look at this picture. That’s you, also?
That’s me.
And who’s this?
That’s my mother.
What’s her name?
And who’s this?
That’s my father.
What’s his name?
His name is Sreten.
Sreten and Zorica.

And who’s this?
Oh, that’s my spouse, Magdalena.
Your wife?
My wife.
All right, and who’s that?
That’s my son Viktor.
Your son Viktor.

Good to know

Jesi is another, full form of si (you are). Both forms have the same meaning. We normally use the short forms. The long forms are used when asking questions, or starting the sentence, confirming or emphasizing.

Other persons also have long forms. We make them simply by adding je in front of the short form:

ja jesam

ti jesi

on jeste



Jesam ja profesorica? Jesam. Ja sam profesorica. Am I a teacher? I am. I am a teacher.
Ti si učenik. Jesi ti učenik? Jesi. You are a student. Are you a student? You are.
On je moj sin? Jeste. He is my son? He is.