Speaking Trainer: Tongue Twisters

Speaking Trainer: Tongue Twisters / Brzalice

Here’s a funny little speaking exercise! I hope that you’ll have fun with it, as I’m trying to release your inner child with tongue twisters. Their purpose is to show you that it’s ok to sound differently and to make mistakes. As a matter of fact, we have to sound differently and make many mistakes when we speak a foreign language!

Play the video and pretend that you’re having a conversation with me. I will ask a question or tease you with a tongue twister, and then wait for you to respond. After completing all the lessons in this module, you should be able to understand what I’m saying.

It is absolutely critical that you speak aloud and answer. You must try and say the tongue twisters, otherwise it won’t work!

You can come back to this exercise as many times as you want and practice.